Guidelines : Photography
We're looking for horror-themed black and white photographs. Mainly we're interested unique graveyards and tombstones, crypts and mausoleums, historical "haunted" sites, coffins, skeletons, bone piles, etc...

Photographs must be original and property of the submitting photographer. Any altered, or manipulated photos fall under our category of digital art. The key to having your photograph printed in is composition, clarity, and pertinence to the overall theme of the magazine.

  • Photographs should be in black and white. We will consider color photos however, we may wish to convert them to grayscale for publication.
  • Photographs should not be watermarked.
  • Credit is granted unless photographer requests anonymity.
  • Contributor receives one copy of when the submission is published.

Refer to our submissions page for instructions on submitting your work for publication.