Issue : One
Necrography - Issue 1 Cover The inaugural issue of - Spring 2009.

This issue is packed full of fresh bodies! Inside you'll uncover 84 grayscale pages of stories, poetry, art, and pictures of macabre morbidity. The contemptible content is perfect bound and wrapped in a full-color, glossy cover. Its outside beauty belies the horrors churning inside.

Why isn't Grandma coming out of the bathroom? Who's the gardener of Shaldon? What really happened at Sykes Funeral Home? What is the worst thing? These questions and more will be answered in the pages of the Spring 2009 issue of . Here's the fiction, poetry and art you'll see in this issue:

  • "Gran'ma's in the Bathroom (...and she's not coming out)" - Ken Goldman
  • "The Gardener" - Mathew F. Riley
  • "Omen of the Oven" - Larry Hodges
  • "The Deadline" - Steve Calvert
  • "The Interrogation of Phillip Gregg" - Jason Muller
  • "Whale Bone" - Marlo Dianne
  • "Brian Cullen's Confessional" - Aaron A. Polson
  • "Consumed" - Tricia Urlaub
  • "Creeping Rot" - Tim Kane

  • "Gaslight Ghoul" - Alexis Child
  • "The Worst Thing" - Aurelio Rico Lopez III
  • "Stretching Scars" - William Blake Vogel III
  • "untitled" - Greg Schwartz

Art and Photography:
  • "Uncovered" - Charles Wu
  • "The Gardener" - Owen Priestley
  • "Spectre of Sanctuary" - Michael Evans
  • "Mortuary Attendants Needed" - Christopher Woods & Jeff Crouch
  • "untitled" - G. W. Thomas
  • "untitled" - Beth Mykkanen
  • "Spectre" - Nicolas Bodereau
  • "Cullen" - Charles Wu